IMPORTANT: S3 Backup will stop working on June 28, 2023

Changes to AWS will make our current S3 Backup app no longer able to connect to S3 servers on June 28, 2023. Codebase for the app is very old at this point and we determined that we cannot issue an update that would allow it to continue working.

The app was very stable and was doing its job with no updates for quite a few years now and we planned keep the licensing and support going for years into the future, but this change on Amazon part requires us to go back and update the legacy codebase which we unfortunately cannot do.

Your backups are stored in your own S3 bucket and this will not delete them. However, if you used encryption in S3 Backup, then restores need to be decrypted correctly when downloading.

Because the app will no longer work after June 28 we recommend you to download any files you don't have a local copy of before that date. However we will also provide a console script to access your backups made with S3 Backup that will be usable even after that date. We will update this page once it's available. Using this script will be easier if you keep your S3 Backup config which can be found in a single file on your computer: %appdata%/s3 backup/config.json

We should have made this decision sooner after the change by Amazon was announced and we apologize for the short notice.

Everyone who purchased the app since June 28 2022 is eligible for a refund. Just email [email protected] with your order number or email used for the purchase.

Thank you for using our software all these years.


P.S. A short note on why we don't just keep updating the app. The economic model of pay-once software for an ongoing service ended up being unsustainable and if we went for a different model where we charge for the storage with some markup then we would have more ability to keep developing it and adding features on the client and server side, but alas.